Part Time Jobs Available Without Investment

If you are looking forward to work during your spare time and earn some money, you must go ahead and take a look at the part time job opportunities that are available for consideration. Some small businesses only have one worker who will be the owner. These types of businesses are easy to manage and all the profit will be yours. The only limitation is that there is no one else to handle the work if the work is too much. These are a few business ideas that you can do by yourself or as a collaboration. You can easily kick off this kind of a business or a part time job opportunity with the assistance of My Bpo Business Delhi.


This is a person who is fluent in multiple languages. If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can easily be a translator. The people who become translators will have to do things like convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concept in target languages, manage work schedules to meet deadlines and render spoken ideas accurately and quickly.

A translator can work as a freelance worker with the help of My Bpo Business Justdial. You can be a translator in part time basis or as a full time job. You can also be a freelance translator while being a translator in a company. This is a job that will pay you handsomely for your talents, skill and knowledge.

Scrapbook Maker

This is a job for all of you who are scrapbook enthusiasts. If you enjoy scrap booking you can make it into a small business by doing scrap booking for people who want their memories preserved in a creative manner.

This small business idea is a stay at home job and you can find work with the help of My Bpo Business Jobs. Mostly for those who want to earn a few extra dollars in their free time can start this small business as a scrapbook maker.


A proof reader is a responsible job and a valuable asset in the publication world. These people are responsible for the checking of the documents that are about to publish and highlight and edit out the simple and complex errors. This is done because if there are any errors there will be a huge impact on the integrity of the article.

Proof reading can be small side business while you work or a full time job that you can do while being at home and My Bpo Business Careers will help you with that. You can collect a few proof readers that you know and start a small firm which is dedicated for proofreading of documents of different companies.

Furniture Maker

Furniture makers design and craft different furniture items such as chairs, table, beds, dresses and wardrobes. They should also have the ability to mend broken furniture. There will be a lot of jobs involving furniture making since furniture is an essential part of life in the present. A furniture maker has to be able to make custom furniture according to the requirement of the client. Furniture makers can earn higher salaries as they grow experience.

Although you are not a good woodsman you can be the owner of a furniture making firm. This is by having some good woodsmen working for you. You will be the one who approaches the client and get the specifications for your woodsmen to make. My Bpo Business Delhi will be in a position to provide an excellent assistance to you with that.


A podcaster is a person who makes audio or video available as a podcast. This person is and independent worker. A podcast is a digital film made which is downloadable to any device that can connect to the internet such as computers smart phones and tablets. These are available in series and eBooks and PDF’s can be also belonging to the category of a podcast.

If you have the ability to create attractive digital audios, videos or eBooks you can easily be a podcaster. In the present podcasting is a very common online profession done by many people especially the youth. To kick off, you can take a look at My Bpo Business Justdial.

eBook Author

eBooks are very common in the present day. Because of this achieving an authorship is easier than ever. This is a great opportunity for those of you who are underachieved writes who will never get picked by any big publishing companies and could not do any self-publication. With the use of the correct marketing tools publish your own book is a walk in the park. There are authors who have made huge amounts of money by publishing on the internet. This can be done as a full time or a part time job.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is also an easy job that you can do alongside other work that you are doing. You just have to leave revives on different items for sale on ecommerce sites like eBay, Amazon and Flipkart. This takes word of mouth advertising to a whole new level. There are businesses that will pay you handsomely for your good reviews on their products. You can refer to My Bpo Business Jobs for more information.

Social Media Consultant

Many large companies hire a person or a staff to manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Sometimes businesses feel that it is cheap to hire a person who is online and willing to manage their social media account while being at home. To get paid well you should be good at social media marketing.

Resume Writer

This is a job that requires good penmanship. The resume is an important part when going for an interview. A resume writer is an online job which requires you to write a good cover letter that will attract many employers. To be a resume writer you should have the ability of ‘humble bragging’. This is a very rare quality but when you have learnt it properly you will be able to use it to your advantage. This is a job that you can find with My Bpo Business Careers, that will pay you handsomely by helping others to find jobs.

There are many small businesses in the world. In the present day everything is done online. This can be a great tool that you can do to start your own small business online. Most of these online businesses can be a wealth of opportunity and most of these have no initial cost for you to bear. The main area you have to focus is your client roster. Since all these work is done online no one will recognize that it is you who are doing work. These are a few businesses that you will be able to do online without any hassle.

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